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Best Places to Visit For Americans

Best Places to Visit in Europe Some people say Europe is gone. I really can`t say Europe is gone, but I must admit that the countries where the Euro rules are every day more difficult to reach if you are on a budget. In any case, there are some exceptions you should know before taking a flight to the old continent. While Western Europe and the Nordic countries are far gone with high prices, Eastern Europe has recently developed at high speed to offer good services to tourists. Probably Prague is already too exploited, but if you look at Bulgaria or Romania you will find great value for your money. At same time, with a falling Great Britain Pound during the last months, either buying plane tickets in UK pounds or getting accommodation directly in their currency can be a great option. And this applies to Americans, but also to anybody in the world. Bookings through a falling currency compared to yours are always going to be cheaper. At same time, southern Europe still is in the middle, and even if we can`t consider it cheap, normally prices in Spain, Italy and Greece will fit into your budget. Best Places to Visit in America Provided that the whole America moves a bit at the same speed as the American dollar does, it will be easy to find deals for more or less the same price that local travel would have. In any case, if you want to find the best value for your money, countries like Ecuador, Brazil or Argentina will be good deals. Also Central America offers many natural paradises within your limited budget. Best Places to Visit in Asia If there is a place that will consume all your money it is Japan. This country has never been cheap and it seems it will never be. You`ll pay a lot and get few in return, so it should be avoided in case you are looking to travel to Asia. At same time, both Australia and New Zealand are not recommended. Specially New Zealand, as the kiwi dollar sometimes is climbing even faster than the Euro. The best choice in the region is the country of Laos, which has been isolated during the last years and has now opened to the world. Don`t expect to find an already built tourism industry, but you`ll find great value for the falling US dollar. Thailand has always been good too but recently the mass tourism that is going there is making all prices to climb. Take care with it. Best Places to Visit in Africa Generally you will find always good deals in Africa, but the most part of the countries are just on the way to development and you will not receive great services generally. At same time, political problems can restrict traveling for a certain time, as it is happening in Kenya on the recent times. Morocco has always been cheap and it still is, but probably a more beautiful touristic destination is Tunisia. It is becoming very popular recently and some experts say it will be the Morocco of the future. We will see. Saving in Hotels For Americans there is nothing better than travel certificates. You can find thousands of discounts in many places, but you will never get the 80-90% discounts that travel certificates can give you with your accommodation and even with your flights. I had a customer in Minnesota that wanted to fly from there to London and spend a week there. I gave her a flight travel certificate for $70 and a 4 stars hotel certificate for 7 nights and up to 4 persons for $130. In this way, she had a total spending between flights and hotel stay of $200 for a 7 days trip to Europe in Deluxe accommodation. As I said, nothing can improve the travel certificate deals, as you are paying only taxes.

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